SacBee June 25th, 2012: Freshness and Ingredients is celebrating today! It’s the fourth anniversary of our popular photo blog, The Frame.

RB Tim Reese mug.JPGThe “big picture” blog showcases the best in visual storytelling from events around the world and has had more than 10 million page views. The most popular post?“Japan marks 6 months since earthquake, tsunami.”

Tim Reese, The Bee’s assistant director of multimedia, left, selects and builds each entry.

So, how did we celebrate? With food, of course! Food writer Allen Pierleoni and managing editor Tom Negrete hosted a “scone throwdown” involving tasty entries from five Sacramento bakeries.

Bee newsroom staff tasted, compared notes and filled out ballot forms. Criteria were flavor, texture, moistness, appearance, heft, freshness and ingredients. Blueberries were dominant, though apricots and chocolate chips made appearances in the pastries as well. Our top picks: Broadway Bakery Cafe and Les Baux Bakery.